Eclipse Breakthrough

Background: Music for meditation and clearing.

For the last couple months water and earth trines have lead the way. The global energetic field has shifted into something uncharacteristically easy. For now Saturn is lending stability. Retrogrades are also assisting. Mars retrograde in Aquarius square Uranus is producing outdoor accidents and misadventures, but incidents are isolated. I didn’t expect it this way looking at the skies late last year. I expected more obvious problems in place impacting people. It doesn’t mean deep structural cracks aren’t spreading. They are, and building much, much more than could ever have been anticipated. Yet for now calm remains. This gives people more time to transmute old ways.

The July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse.

The retrogrades will expand to seven planets including Chiron by August 7. This suggests there will be little to disrupt the field over the next few weeks, even with the Lunar Eclipse July 27. Like the previous Solar Eclipse a bump or push can be expected. It might be a bit more as the Mars/Uranus square is triggered, forcing more off the fences and into changes. Family drama/crises can come out at this time but it’s likely to be temporary. The purpose of these next Eclipses is to loosen or break up long-ingrained patterns. Fixed sign people will be more impacted.

Venus is well-positioned in the Lunar Eclipse, in methodical Virgo. Along with Saturn trine Uranus pressure can be relieved, sanity can prevail. This Venus favors deriving pleasure from simpler, practical things. Instead of risky Mars/Uranus outlets, try doing some yoga to manage off-kilter energy. Hit the ocean or lake for a refreshing swim. Overall with seven retrogrades coming and the traditional summer vacation season underway it’s best to put most things on ice. Enjoy yourself, love with your heart wide open. Accept love back. Fully recharge. Breakthroughs await…