Skripal Poisoning Sets Off Global Tension

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent March 4, 2018 in Salisbury, UK.

Clearly there is a lot going on in the world now. This story is just one piece of the evolving picture that is getting clearer now as Saturn joins Pluto in completing their cycle through Capricorn. Out of this small, isolated incident East/West relations are suddenly crumbling. Hundreds of diplomats are being removed from positions in Russia and over two dozen Western nations. The US consulate in St. Petersburg and a Russian consulate in Seattle are both said to be closing. Some have noted the extent of the expulsions far exceeds that seen during the Cold War. What gives?

One might think such a small problem could have easily been resolved by authorities, but this is the elite’s world where fear is required and is magnified. Ten days after the incident British PM Theresa May announced the first Russian diplomat expulsions along with other security measures. By the Pisces New Moon March 17 Russia countered and global tensions blew up. We could see this would be the case given the lunation cycle featured a multitude of cardinal squares. Overall the responses seem highly disproportional. By the Full Moon in Libra March 31 a diplomatic crisis remains with major Western powers seemingly determined to collide with Russia and the East. What does the astrological chart of the poisoning event show?

In the chart (shown right) Neptune, the planet of deception, is tightly conjunct the Sun in Pisces. On the one hand this is an apt descriptor of a gassing or poisoning but on the other it departs a highly suspicious and nebulous nature to the story. Two other planets and Chiron in Pisces only further that notion. Given this base energy and the West’s track record on honesty, it’s easy to see why some would conclude it’s a scripted event or false flag operation. Australian journalist John Pilger, for example, called the poisoning ‘a carefully-constructed drama.’ Jupiter now retrograde in Scorpio will push hard for the truth. On a deeper level both sides are likely playing their roles as the elite want them to. The Chiron/Venus aspect trine Jupiter though may realize a healing outcome for the Skripals. Their side of the story will be crucial to get, but will it just be more drama?

The culmination phase of this lunar cycle has been reached. If tensions do not release now political crises could erupt into hostilities and violence anytime. Conflict-laden hot spots in the globe are most prone. With Saturn now in Capricorn much more is involved in East/West tensions than what can be generated or observed in one lunar cycle. Given Saturn’s current location the cycle does seem to be serving as an entry point in the transition of global power constructs.