Energies Shifting…

Great readers and humans you are out there. Thank you for continuing to return here. It’s been a tough winter for many I suspect. Down time has been necessary. The energies are gradually lifting now…

The Saturn energy seems notably different than last year. I sense a humming solidity to it despite all the world problems. The Saturn-Solstice really locked this in I think. It could carry on a couple more years.

The Chiron/New Moon and Spring Equinox are finally loosening things up some. Mercury retrograde is now on the doorstep. Use at least some of the retrograde time to reflect, go inward. With this being in Aries you may want to keep physical activities not too demanding, just in case.

The energies look to be on a build-up phase to May. Major breakthroughs could happen then. Expect a steady ramp up.

Mars is now in Capricorn. Don’t procrastinate with this influence. Avoid creating energetic drains. Focus on what you can and need to do. Discard what’s not working. Keep it simple.

With the heavy Capricorn energies think long, long-term. What will be your life structures in place five, ten or more years out? Distractions have to go to see. Your unconscious is creating it. The trick is to tap into it to see.

This lunar cycle offers that opportunity. Is that how God or the Cosmos also directs evolution? Allow the energies to come through.