Mercury Rx Uncorked

Republican Senator Bob Corker (Tennessee) is accused of being bribed with a new tax break in exchange for his yes vote on tax reform.

There is a world of difference between voting no on a tax reform plan that would “deepen the debt burden on future generations” and agreeing to vote yes on it because it represents “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make US businesses domestically more productive and internationally more competitive.” Those are Republican Senator Bob Corker’s words, and coming in a span of two weeks it is a massive Mercury retrograde flip-flop. What gives?

Mercury Retrograde & Tax Reform

As read two and a half months ago the current retrograde cycle which started conjunct Saturn is having a big impact on US politics. The key issue appears to be a Republican deal on tax reform. An original plan was approved on December 2, the day before Mercury turned retrograde. They want to drop the corporate tax rate “to remain competitive” globally and “bring jobs back” but these are sales pitches. The jobs won’t be returning. Rather as people like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich allude to tax reform is just a giant Christmas gift for the already wealthy corporate executive class, who will use the tax breaks to boost stock prices and give themselves bigger bonuses. That’s all it is. A $1.5T, ten year taxpayer giveaway.

Doug Jones became the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years.

In order to provide this giant gift President Trump has gone to extreme lengths, arguing again and again that he needs the votes or that the votes will be there. On December 12 in the heart of the retrograde for example, he publicly backed Alabama Republican Senate candidate and former state judge Roy Moore despite him having multiple accusations of sexually assaulting teenagers when he was in his 30’s. Moore also had ties to white supremacists and earlier praised slavery-era America. Trump must have been out of his mind, but he desperately needs the votes to appease his financial controllers. Instead they lost big, dropping a Senate seat and a vote in the process. And now there’s Corker. What next?

Other Political Impacts

The retrograde has brought continual political problems since its start. Legal challenges are planned as a result of Trump’s evisceration of two national monuments in Utah for industrial use on December 4. Long-term consequences and grievances have been created as a result of Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel December 6. It was a typical Mercury retrograde delay on December 7 when Congress passed a two-week spending bill to avert the last deadline and keep government funded. The tax deal for the corporate donor class was obviously a higher priority. Another huge retrograde whoops occurred when a Trump judicial nominee couldn’t answer basic legal questions December 13, and the next day US internet neutrality was killed by the Federal Communications Commission. Epic Mercury retrograde/Saturn. Multiple lawsuits there are also said to be coming.

Travel Problems Also Occur

Travel-wise Mercury retrograde has again proven problematic. A lengthy total power outage at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, Georgia caused over 1,000 flight cancellations December 17. Delta airlines scrapped another 400 flights the next day. Sagittarius and airports… Tragically, in another event an Amtrak train hurtled off an overpass near Seattle December 18 killing three and injuring many more. The train was making its inaugural run on a faster new route.

Mercury will go direct in North America late in the day December 22. In addition to the tax vote US Congress also has to pass a budget or the government could shutdown December 23. Problems seem likely to continue with the direct station square Neptune, the planet of confusion and deceit. With Neptune involved keep your mental load light and creative until mid-January.