Mars 2018 Forecast: Have No Fear

While Saturn and Uranus may steal all the attention next year, Mars shouldn’t be discounted. On the positive side Mars can spur great progress. Negatively though it is associated with fear, aggression, violence. Mismanaged, Mars can have unfortunate consequences. An examination of Mars’s activity in 2018 shows a powerful year ahead for the red planet.

A Good Start

Placement-wise Mars starts out 2018 in Scorpio where it is strong and capable. Combined with Jupiter expect lots more dirt to be dug up. Greater exposure on many levels seems indicated. With no obvious stress aspects it looks a favorable time to get to the bottom of things and elevate passion. Mars then shifts to Sagittarius for February and March. It will face off against a multitude of Pisces planets where sensitivities may be offended and moral crises develop.

A Heated Spring

Mars squares the Solar Aries Ingress March 20, 2018.

Mars then spends most of the rest of the year in Capricorn and Aquarius. This is important because both signs are pivotal in world affairs. Capricorn rules business and politics; Aquarius groups and stock markets. The shift happens March 18. In Capricorn Mars is determined. Joining Pluto and Saturn the time looks ripe for high-level power plays. “Get it done at any cost” seems to be the Capricorn message.

The Solar Aries ingress March 20 is also tightly square Mars. In theory this suggests Mars themes will be the major focus of energies through Spring. Combined with the square of several other Aries planets including Mercury retrograde to Saturn and Pluto, it’s quite possible a military confrontation will occur. May could be a firecracker with Mars square Uranus the whole month and both planets changing signs.

Potent Retrograde

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27, 2018 is conjunct Mars retrograde.

The Mars retrograde cycle mainly in revolutionary Aquarius is a key factor for 2018. The dates are June 26 – August 27. At this time conflicts and differences should be addressed with diplomacy and negotiation or frustrations and hostilities may boil over with harmful outcomes. Financial markets may also be affected and enter an unstable period.

Importantly, three eclipses occur during the middle of the retrograde and Mars also makes another long square to Uranus – from mid-July to the end of September. These energies ensure the retrograde and direct station take place within a backdrop of high energy and tension. The Lunar South Node is conjunct or proximal Mars in all three eclipses. The time favors breakdown or reform of past, outworn systems.

Wrap Up

Mars stays in Aquarius until just after the US mid-term elections. It is square Jupiter in Scorpio/Sagittarius through November. This could suggest key political displacements there. Mars finishes 2018 in Pisces. It’s important to understand that this type of Mars year could easily turn into a fear festival for some world leaders and the elite. If so it’s a great opportunity to clear old world consciousness. The remedy is to get to and maintain an exalted state of pure peace and love in your heart. Chiron’s first glimpse of Aries in April may help.