Times Get Interesting

Background on current events: the Corbett Report Youtube Channel.

Things are breaking apart as expected pre-Saturn in Capricorn. As James Corbett reports, a global crisis is happening in Saudi Arabia. This is because China is rising in power and the elite are closing in on demoting or upending the US petrodollar system. This has already been discussed here. It’s why things are also going insane in the US – politicians and special interests are doing their best to loot the country ahead of its collapse.

Due to this Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud in particular are now in an uproar. None are in a more precarious position. Additionally, Saudi Arabia also needs to plan for the coming decline in oil demand due to the renewable energy paradigm and the inevitable global economic collapse. A young prince has recently assumed power, Muhammad bin Saud. Taken at face value it seems at least some of the Saudi royalty/elite are open to change.

Astrology: Saudi Arabia Timeline

Since the early 1970’s after the removal of the gold standard, the US has been able to drastically expand its power via the Saudi petrodollar arrangement. A portion of the synastry chart (shown right) between the two nations shows this with the US 2nd house Pluto (power; in blue) bolstered by a large Saudi Arabia Capricorn stellium (in red). The US would not be what it is today without the Saudis, and the House of Saud in particular (Saturn/Sun/Ascendant/Jupiter in Capricorn) is a proxy for US dollar hegemony (Pluto). Purges, coups, family wealth confiscations and completely new state strategies indirectly imply US power is being challenged.

Saudi Arabia Astrology and Prognostic Chart

Prognostic movements in the Saudi Arabia chart (at right; shown for 2020) show large-scale changes ahead for the country. The current tremors come as transit Pluto nears the Saudi Saturn. This is suggestive the royalty structure, rulership, and elite alliances are being upended. More will come in 2018. The progressed Moon in the 7th house from 2019 – 2021 spotlights the country’s relationship to the rest of the world. The monumental cycle ending Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction transits its Saturn/Jupiter/Sun in 2020.

Big transits also follow that up in 2021. There is Chiron/progressed Venus, Uranus/IC, and progressed Ascendant/transiting Lunar North Node conjunct Pluto. Crisis would seem indicated. Perhaps favorably, progressed Sun trines the Capricorn stellium. This may smooth out difficulties. Uranus will transit its progressed Sun in 2025 – 26 though, just as the Saturn/Neptune cycle completes on its Moon in Pisces. This could be symbolic of the beginning of a completely new country, one modernizing to Age of Aquarius values as its Piscean Age oil dependency fades.

Battles for the Ages are going on today between the old and the new. The differences are stark, realities are splitting enormously.