Caribbean Pulverized

An aerial photo of Road Town, the capital of Tortola, British Virgin Islands after Category 5 Hurricane Irma struck Sept. 6 – 7, 2017.

In a short order Mother Earth has crushed the Caribbean with powerful hurricanes. Many islands have been shredded. Texas and Florida in the US have also been hammered. Great winds are Mother Earth’s way of bringing intelligence. Is anybody listening? It seems she is screaming something.

Hurricane Irma turned the British Virgin Islands brown. (Image source: NASA)

Thousands upon thousands of homes are damaged and destroyed. Roofs everywhere have been blown off. Horrifically, vegetation and tree canopies that were once lush and alive are now brown and dead. Beautiful rows of palm trees have been ripped out of the ground or stand broken in half. Whole island nations have lost some or all of their basic infrastructure. In short, paradises have become hellish nightmare zones. Some places look like they’ve been hit with atomic bombs, sent back decades.

The destruction is consistent with scientific research and expectations on climate change in a warming world. If anything the scientific community looks increasingly stunned by how lethal the world’s weather is becoming. The rate of climate breakdown keeps being underestimated. Life systems continue to unravel exponentially. In a status quo world it’s becoming impossible to adjust to. Given this it can only be concluded harder knocks are ahead.

Map of the Caribbean. X marks locations where long-term habitation is now not feasible.

A couple years ago due to out of control wildfires I postulated some places in Western North America may soon be unable to support human civilization– in as little as two decades. The same could be said for many Caribbean islands now. Nothing exists in isolation. When one part of the planet gets ripped up something somewhere else becomes vastly unstable or prone. It’s a cascade effect. Intense hurricanes and eventually sea level rise will take out out low-lying, unprotected islands. It’s happening in the Philippines and now in the Caribbean. Long-term habitability is simply not feasible in these places anymore.

The same could be said for many other locations of the world. Houston has a 100-year flood every year now because it doesn’t have adequate water drainage and city expansion has consumed naturally water-absorbent lands. New Orleans is situated below sea level. Florida and places like Charleston, South Carolina are in a similar predicament. These are not winning situations against accelerating climate change. Rebuilding in places such as the Keys is a waste of time. Meaningful recovery simply won’t happen until (1) human consciousness shifts and new, sustainable energy systems are implemented (2) Earth stabilizes.

Regarding the Solar Eclipse, so much energy was focalized onto the Americas. Coming at the end of the 13th Baktun and during the 26,000-year Galactic Alignment it should be of little surprise great disasters unfolded. The consequences and implications of the Eclipse at the end of these eras is massive and profound. Earth is in a huge process right now. In the historical climate records millions of years back major shifts in biological evolution always occurred during times of rapid temperature and carbon dioxide changes. This time is no different. It’s imminent that a new human and new human culture will be forged out of this.