Strong Eclipse Energy Coming In

I probably should’ve had this up a week ago but have been trying to ride out the last remnants of the stable, easier energy. The Solar Eclipse energies are really coming in now. The frequency is much higher now than it was a couple of months ago. Most people should still be able to handle this wave. Notice how the dead and old is being shown in gory detail now. This is because many belief systems, structures and institutions are long, long past their natural expiration dates.

Let’s see how the Mercury retrograde until September 4 also influences. I am thinking it should be a real intuitive boost even in Virgo. Use your third eye to see and know. Don’t get caught up in little things. Watch the energy lines around people and events to determine the truth and outcomes. If it doesn’t land right it’s probably not for you. The time is really good for just letting things drop. Don’t begin anything right now unless there is very good reason to.

The next few weeks should be powerful. By or shortly after the Fall Equinox adjustments and new alignments can or will be made. Until then continue to get ample rest, breaks and work on your health and well-being. Riding waves of time acceleration requires physical pacing, de-stressing and enabling your body to adjust, heal and incorporate the higher frequencies. It’s good to be on this now because the next three years could be more important than the last seven.

Now let’s see what happens with this eclipse and its reverberation effects, which could ripple afterwards for weeks or months. If you live in North America, try to take some time on the 21st to get outside and experience it. It’s about establishing and feeling a cosmic connection.