Summer Forecast

While the old world is still very much intact it is being chipped away at now. It may be possible to suggest it’s best to ride the wave of harmony over the next couple of months. This is not to say put the blinders on or accept negative situations, but to have a healthy sense of detachment from the energy of this world. Especially for people in the Northern hemisphere getting downtime and ample rest in the short-term will probably be wise. In other words don’t get burnt out during this time because think of how that will leave you for the fall, and next year, and so on. This summer could be great for pacing yourself. Yogis focus on the breath. Do it everyday this summer and you probably won’t age a day.

My guidance is also saying let go again wherever possible. Engage in the experiential. Allow much to unfold without intervention or resistance. Practice peace and freedom in heart. Be forewarned the potential for upset and frustration over the summer is high. It will try to draw you in. Be active or participate in physical activities. Just Be. Enjoy the natural world, it is a health remedy that could take weeks off your age or prevent something. “Free up” time and get in time away. Nurture yourself and your loved ones. Contemplation isn’t necessary. This is not the time for that. Don’t think, feel and let it run. Intuition will expand if you get in this space, opening up new levels of creativity and intelligence. May you have a beautiful, healing summer!