Elite Terror Psy-Op

Elite special units are responsible for the decades-long epidemic of “terrorism.” On the X22 Report guest Ole Dammegard discusses the essential macro nuts and bolts of manufactured terror. Psy-op = psychology operation. The target is the population. In spiritual terms it’s called 4D manipulation. Terrorism is an elite mind control program. It’s injected to try and reinforce the old subjugated, separative, fear-based mind. His website: lightonconspiracies.com.

Key Points

A scene from a 1997 episode of “The Simpsons”

These are media events. The modern terror attack is basically a made-for-news movie or commercial. Mayors and politicians who are puppets to the power structure help sell it to the people. Mobile crisis units with directors, actors, amputees, and make-up personnel are contracted. Photographers are tied to government or major news agencies. Secrecy and non-disclosure is maintained by threat of lawsuit or death. Bouncers keep the public out. There are rarely any public photos and videos, even in the modern age of mobile cellphones.

The stories don’t stand up to even the slightest scrutiny of the details. Timelines never match up. Perpetrators are forged in identity. Things in general look odd or off. Fake testimony is given on camera. Patsies are used. Evidence is planted or destroyed to protect the narrative. Major outside investigations reveal bold and glaring inconsistencies. “Magic bullet” theories appear. Anything to do with terrorism is a foray into the old human. It’s 2017 but in consciousness the elite want people to think it’s still 1920.