World Order Cracking

The old world order is cracking apart. With no signs of impending crisis three Middle Eastern oil nations and Egypt severed ties on June 5, 2017 with nearby Gulf Cooperation Council member Qatar. They cited links to terrorism and support of Iran as the reasons, but these arguments don’t add up. What the break-up does show is that there is great turmoil and instability within the current world order. What else is going on?

Populist Frenzy Dying

As discussed in my tarot post at the start of the year, the elite already told us Trump won’t succeed in reversing globalism. Now the wave of populism that helped bring him to power looks done. In the Netherlands Geert Wilders’s anti-Islam Freedom Party was soundly defeated by the center-left in the highest voter turnout there in thirty years. The same happened in France to bring in Macron, a centrist. Barring some kind of mass immigration terror wave (typically staged by elite intelligence agencies) it seems doubtful Germany will elect anyone near resembling Trump’s stature come fall.

Trump shakes hands with Macron before a working group at the 2017 NATO Summit.

Shortly afterwards at the NATO Summit in Belgium Trump offered his congratulations to Macron for his victory over the French Nationalist Party, whom he publicly favored. He seemed insincere and his usual awkward handshake motions were absent. Macron, on the other hand, appeared determined and focused. It was globalism versus anti-globalism. Young versus old. Trump pulled away. In doing so he revealed the US has met its match and it’s reign of power in the world is on the fall.

Elite Isolating America

Trump’s actions are clearly laying out the path for the US that could have ramifications decades into the future. It is one of becoming a global pariah, or outcast state. The goal of this is not to bring back jobs and make America great again, as if the rules of past centuries apply. It’s to collapse the world order and US standing.

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement clearly demonstrated this isolationism. Due in part to the previous Administration’s undermining, the agreement was non-binding and imposes no penalties for countries not meeting pledged greenhouse gas emission cuts. Trump didn’t have to withdraw the US. They could have just done nothing. In withdrawing, however, Trump makes it obvious as the elite want him to that the US is removing itself from a global leadership position. It had little to do with economic burdens and losses. Consequently, China has now inherited an unprecedented opportunity to lead.

China’s Big Plans

China’s “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure expansion.

In 2013 China announced a massive international infrastructure and trade expansion program called One Belt, One Road. The project is part of an overall geopolitical strategy to reshape global power and influence. In other words, a new world order. Over $1 trillion is planned to be spent in more than sixty Asian, African and European countries. One Belt, One Road comes as China also brings in new banks. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank created in 2015 will challenge the US-dominated IMF and World Bank. No such hegemonic expansion plans exist for the US. All the US does is spend money on war to keep petrodollars flowing into its Treasury so it’s debt and reserve currency status can be sustained.

This type of transition is questionable as to how it will benefit humanity and Earth in the long run. Economic expansion in China is likely to only continue or accelerate the stress on lifeforms, ecosystems, and Earth’s resources. It’s a very old way to run a planet. In the short-term, however, a rapid decline in the Anglo-American Empire perhaps might now be expected. In Canada, for example, the Foreign Affairs Minister just hinted the nation is preparing for a post-American world. Let’s see if the unpredictable Trump continues not to surprise at the UN Human Rights Council and monumental Nuclear Weapons Ban Resolution meetings over the next few weeks.