The Global Power Shift

It’s well known China is on the rise in world power while the US is descending. The segments of astrology charts below show a continuation and acceleration of that trend over the next several years. Transits are shown in red and progressed planets in green, unless it is a transit only chart. The charts used are the accepted national charts of each country. For the US the 2nd house of national wealth is emphasized. For China, the 1st house of national character.

Saturn in Capricorn (2018 – 2020)

Saturn starts 2018 in Capricorn. Its last transit there (1988 – 91) produced the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Gulf War, a US recession, and the Japanese stock and real estate crash. Russia had nearly a decade of depression after. Japan was left with at least one “lost decade.” Currently the UK is set to break apart from the EU in 2019. Both the US and UK appear to be heading towards a type of global isolation.

US in Ending Phase

In the US chart its Progressed Moon joins Saturn in Capricorn in July 2018. Saturn straddles this Moon for about five years until 2022. This is likely to reflect an uncomfortable feeling there. The overall focus looks to be on an authoritarian government that is openly hostile to its people and other world nations. By the second half of 2019 this Moon and Saturn along with Pluto are in its 2nd house. Deteriorating economic conditions may also come to the forefront at this time.

In 2020 astrological energies culminate with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto triple conjunction. This occurs in the US 2nd house in the last half of the year. Its Progressed Moon also makes contact with natal Pluto. People may be processing some kind of end to long-term structural modalities, both in the US and globally. There may be a dollar devaluation, loss of reserve currency standing, credit rating downgrade or a new round of money printing coming from the Fed. Mars in an Aries retrograde cycle squares the US Pluto July 2020 – February 2021. Coupled with an election the period looks exceptionally volatile for the US. A Solar Eclipse on its Ascendant ends 2021.

China’s Outlook Brighter

It’s well known China has a real estate bubble. 2019 and 2020 placements though seem to show a built-in protection. Its Progressed Venus and transit Jupiter and Pluto are in very favorable positions. Progressed Sun is exactly trine natal Pluto. While economic problems may show via the Progressed Moon these factors suggest a crisis will not permanently cripple the nation.

Late in 2020 the Jupiter/Saturn “Great Conjunction” occurs on China’s Ascendant and Progressed Midheaven. Combined with its favorable Progressed Venus and Sun placements an elevation in status, power and prosperity seems indicated. On the palindrome date 12.02.2021 (numerology = 1), the Chinese New Year begins. A six-planet stellium New Moon in Aquarius in the country’s 1st house may have China poised to enter a new, 21st century Age of Aquarius era.

US Pluto Return (2021 – 2024)

The four years after 2020 can be seen as Pluto Return years for the US. The orb is no more than 3º for the period. Pluto Return is associated with the ending of empires. National breakdown and transformation is indicated to begin in this period. The Return in the 2nd house of national finance and wealth suggests economic problems could be destructive. Hyperinflation in the cost of living may occur. A reckoning or restructuring of long-term debts and deficits, pensions, and entitlement programs seems likely right into the 2030’s.