Venusian Revaluation

This Venus retrograde period seems excellent for re-evaluating everything in life. This is probably because it is covering early Aries and late Pisces territory, which corresponds to beginnings and endings. In this period to mid-April anything and everything is up for looking at in greater awareness. Do you want it? Don’t want it? How much value are you getting in this area or part of your life? Your job, friends, relationships… What’s really over? What’s going to the next level? Where is something new arriving? In the outer world it’s the same thing. What institution or programs are or are not working? What else or where else would you like to go?

It’s not about thinking on this. Your heart will tell you the answers. You’re either in love with it, or you’re not. If you’re not that passionate about something, can you refine it? Heal it? Aries/Pisces says some things need letting go of while others can be born or re-born. It’s a great time to see the love in all of it, to allow things to go where they’re supposed to go. This is probably the most constructive way to work with this energy. It’s not a great time to continue allowing any stagnation (re: Jupiter also opposite Uranus). Rather it’s a great time to step aside, let go or let in, and trust.

Next month Venus will be stationing on Chiron, square Saturn. Watch for something interesting, unique or inspiring to come out of this. A round of multi-dimensionality could transpire? It depends where your focus is and how much allowing you are allowing. Over-control could be the problem, or letting go of control may be the cure. Chiron and Saturn aspects can of course be difficult. It’s possible April will be a challenging month. Go deep, no pain no gain. With Venus a value or worth issue likely needs resolving or is surfacing or resurfacing. On the collective level it might be shown through immigrants and refugees. On a personal level it might be your bank account, your -exes lack of child support, your daily garb or something more prolific, such as how you relate to your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife and vice versa. It may just be that something is simply fading out and/or something else is trying to come in. The question is what is your heart doing? In/out? Don’t think.

Combined with Mercury retrograde in April, the next month and a half is an apt time for taking a big step back. Re-evaluate. Enter your heart full on. Don’t give what doesn’t resonate a second thought. Contrary to the Aries energy the Universe seems to be saying avoid jumping out of the gates this Spring. Hold onto your horses until May. Look at the pieces of your puzzle. Feel where they’re supposed to go. Trust your intuition on it. See if April opens something magnificent out for you.