Trump/USA Synastry


Let’s investigate the current astrological influences in place for the US, beginning with the nation’s synastry chart with President Trump. This will show some of the more predominant influences and the basic nature of their interaction together. Right-click on the chart below to expand in a new tab.

The first thing I observe is that Trump’s Chiron is exactly conjunct the US Saturn in the 10th house of world standing and national governance. This aspect would best be served through peaceful engagement, but this is not the current order of things. Hence the wounded side of Chiron is likely to assert for Trump, which may translate into a government that is fragmented or where some part(s) are sacrificed. Chiron is also the scapegoat archetype, implying the Trump Administration is likely to single out, blame or victimize certain groups or leaders both inside and outside the country. In reverse fashion, this karmic signature with Saturn could imply that Trump himself may be the scapegoat for the elite’s American agendas. While his Jupiter may moderate the Chiron influence Trump’s Neptune near the US MC suggests much will remain in the grey area, hidden and obscure.


Synastry Chart of the US (inside) and Donald Trump (outside)

Trump’s Saturn is conjunct the US Mercury. This reflects his stance as an authoritarian leader. It also sets up big problems between himself and the national media. In some fashion Trump may attempt to restrict or demonize this media or install his own. Trump’s self-centered Mars in Leo also opposes the US Moon which corresponds to the people or the mood of the nation. This placement like no other hints Trump is going to “royally” piss off the people, women in particular. In my years studying astrology I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hard Mars-Moon synastry aspect work out well. It’s inflammatory and generally causes a lot of hurt. This aspect says Trump and the people of America are not even on the same page.

Trump also has a Lunar Eclipse signature most astrologers are aware of. Geminis are communicators and his Uranus brings out these very repetitive and cryptic hand gestures. True to Gemini form his style is quick (Twitter?) but his Moon in Sagittarius makes him prone to foot-in-mouth syndrome. Along with the Eclipse nature of his Moon, Trump’s Mercury in Cancer conditions him to carry strong emotional undertones in his words. Astrologically Trump’s Lunar Eclipse signature could easily be the hallmark of a demagogue. The key point to this is that Trump’s Eclipse Moon is in the US 1st house. This makes him a larger than life influence for the US and his impact widespread. How Trump goes America will go.

Importantly Trump’s Sun/North Node/Uranus also sits on top of the US Mars, activating it intensely. Three military generals in top Administrative positions? In the 7th house of foreign affairs, Trump through this highly activated Mars is certain to precipitate enormous international conflict. His ban on citizens from seven Muslim countries and shredding of relations with Mexico last week is very much just the tip of the iceberg on how fraught this influence is. The US 7th house Mars is so triggered that four top management officials resigned from the State Department at once. Or did Trump fire them upon taking office (see Chiron above)? With this activation it’s entirely possible to suggest Trump’s “America first” inaugural address was basically a declaration of war to the rest of the world.

The dynamic is well in place now. Time will tell how it all plays out.