Donald Trump swears in as 45th President of the United States of America January 20, 2017. (photo: CNN)

As a foreign correspondent for two decades journalist Chris Hedges has covered numerous demagogues in his work. Hence when he calls now President Donald Trump a demagogue it’s not without some basis in experience or fact. Wikipedia defines a demagogue as one who “gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.” Here is a list of methods demagogues commonly use in their leadership style. People should take note of “promising the impossible.”

Trump fits the description to a tee. Anybody who understands demagoguery and watched his Inauguration address would have howled at the multitude of fantastical promises he made. “We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” Ha! That was a good one. Hedges nails it though. “Demagogues—insecure and crippled by an unbridled narcissism and seldom of high intelligence—play to the inverted values of a decayed society.” Trump is the sick expression of a national political system that is completely cut off from the people. There is no intention to give power back to the people.

Hedges suggests the outcome of such a person in charge is horrendous. “The story of demagogues is as old as civilization. They have risen and fallen like the tides, always leaving in their wake misery, destruction and death. They exploit the frustrations and anger generated by a decayed society. They make fantastic promises they never keep. They demonize the vulnerable as scapegoats. They preach hatred and violence. They demand godlike worship. They consume those they rule.”

Demagogue Trump looks like a set-up for global collapse. People like Michael Moore and other Hollywood celebrities rallying people to resist are just playing the other side for the elite – 4D manipulation. It’s way, way too late for meaningful resistance now. The old system can’t be saved anymore, and an unstoppable train of fascism and collapse is heading down the tracks. My guidance says for the next several years save your energy. The good that may come is post-destruction, when people can try to enterprise new ways of life outside of elite influence. This may be several years from now. Until then be prepared to endure life inside a disaster world the elite have created.