2017 Astro Forecast


The astrology of 2017 is tough and intense. Get ready for crazy. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aries or a Pisces. Everyone is being pushed hard now. We’ve been through six or seven years of Uranus square Pluto and times are only getting harder for the average person. As a result many look weary and strained. It shows how dominant Pluto energies are, but I had proposed this would be the case in 2012 from my studies of the Nine Mayan Underworlds. The Universe is molding us deeply, putting humans through a crucible of evolutionary pressure. Shifting perspective and aligning with higher purpose can liberate.

2017 is a different beast than past years. The activation level of outer planets looks very high. I guess the cosmos is saying humanity needs what is coming now, whatever that may be. I feel people may be starting to lose it already. Both astrologically and intuitively the year seems primed for “hypershift.” I am guessing people will be experiencing many heightened emotions in that. Overall it seems like 2017 is a major set-up year for what will occur from 2018 – 2020 and beyond. It’s as though the pins are being put in place for major global structural shifts.

Month-to-Month Astrology

crazy2January seems like a get-ready-to-go month. Mercury will touch Pluto again from the 28th-31st, a time to make a major push for what you want this year. February is eclipse month; Lunar on the 11th, Solar on the 26th. It’s a speed pick-up again. The Solar Eclipse is in Pisces near Neptune, and people may start tuning out and dropping out. Overall things get rolling early. From February on the skies just don’t tone down. Do everything you can to keep your health and spirits up from this point forward. Don’t take anything personally either.

From Feb. 13 – Mar. 10 Mars in Aries joins the Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter T-square fray. Along with the eclipses, this jumps the year’s intensity. Mars contacts Uranus Feb. 24 – Mar. 2. Sparks are sure to fly at the end of February. Venus is then in a big retrograde cycle Mar. 4 – Apr. 15. This will mostly be in Aries, the sign of it’s detriment, and widely opposite Jupiter in Libra. The shine could really come off during this time. Relationships on the personal and national level will go into question and re-evaluation. A major review of things is likely to begin. Activating the theme further Mars will duel with Venus in mutual reception Mar. 11 – Apr. 2. Changes can be anticipated, values may shift. Passion along with strife could also rise across the board. Venus retrograde is not advised as a good time to initiate new relationships. Factor that in with the energies of the T-square and the key word is instability.


Sunrise Chart of the French Election

In April Venus at the end of Pisces doesn’t ease things much, because it stations the entire time conjunct Chiron and square Saturn. In practical terms this means from March to early June ordinarily pleasant Venus is bombarded. She may shift the global field by become demanding, unfriendly or hurt. Mercury also retrogrades in the last three weeks of April, complicating matters.

At the end of April another acceleration begins as Mercury contacts Uranus Apr. 25 – May 14. This is a three week blast that tags upon the power of the T-square. Key developments transpire and the year may seem to blast off. The French election that has super high stakes for the EU occurs just prior to this time. Right-click to expand the chart in a new tab.

Towards the end of May Mars in Gemini then positions against the Saturn/Chiron square. This is followed by the Sun and Mercury June 11 – 21. This suggests ideological conflict and more national issues with refugees and migrants. Chiron at the apex may dispense a sense of tragedy, pain, loss or separateness. Hence June looks ripe for significant internal processing. After that a Cancer New Moon June 24 on the anniversary of the Brexit decision begins another tough one-month period characterized by a Cardinal Grand Cross. July could be rough. While not as war-like as the Cross in early 2014 that had Mars in Libra, this one could favor a defensive, protectionist stance with Cancer placements that include Mars, the Sun, and Mercury. A Full Moon conjunct Pluto July 8 – 9 could ignite an uproar.

Heading into August a Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 7th, at 15º Aquarius. Uranus stations retrograde a few days prior. Revolts and large protests around this time are a distinct possibility. Revelations could also transpire or something unusual may play out. On an emotional level the eclipse may make some feel excited for the real change. Others in August could feel that the growing unpredictability of the world is becoming an overwhelming burden. It’s possible a generalized anxiety of the future starts to take over.


The Great American Eclipse of 2017

After July the New Moons happen at the end of the signs. This might translate into a confusion or breaking influence instead of a seeding or releasing. The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, dubbed the Great American Eclipse of 2017 (see chart at right) begins this pattern. This eclipse is the first in 99 years to cast a shadow over the entire US. Importantly, it also occurs on President Trump’s Ascendant/Mars. The Eclipse speaks volumes about a 180º turn in the direction, leadership and fate of the US. It hints to long-term change coming for America, it’s closest trading partners, and the Western World in general. A make-over is overdue right?

Mercury retrograde also occurs at this time, from Aug. 13 – Sept. 4. This favors right-brain creativity and a more emotionally connected global energy field during the latter half of August. Mars transiting the Lunar North Node potentially indicates some form of conflict or military engagement transpiring on the heels of the Eclipse. Potently, from Sept. 1 – 10 Mercury stations direct on the degree of the Solar Eclipse. Mars also contacts the Eclipse degree Sept. 1 – 5. It is difficult to define the nature of this influence but it suggests that September is a very important month, the next in line of increasingly amplified months and potentials.

After that it’s too far away to make forecasts. Jupiter will move out of Libra in October and a new period will begin. 2018 brings a huge new slate with Uranus and Saturn changing signs. As you can see there are some intense planetary signatures happening in 2017 and this will translate into an intense year. This is the way it needs to be as time marches forward to the even more extraordinarily powerful alignments of 2020.