Tarot Clues For 2017


The above tarot card pull comes from The Economist magazine. This is the same outfit that published in 1988 that a new world currency displacing the US dollar would be coming around 2018. The magazine is owned by the elite. Here’s a link to the issue.

See my write-up on the Meaning of the Ninth Underworld explaining the vibrational nature of how the Plutonic elite use occult language to map and communicate their plans. This includes using astrology and numerology. Their use of The Tarot may offer clues to 2017 and their plans long-term. On this draw they did not define a spread, which enables one to make sense of all cards together. I chose the popular Celtic Cross spread modified to eight cards to try and understand what they might be saying. Cards 7 and 8 are dropped in this case because they are generally irrelevant, especially to the elite.


The Celtic Cross spread.

The magazine points out that 2017 is 500 years since the reformation of the Church, and 100 years since the arrival of communism. In Card 1 the Christian tower is being destroyed. The heart of the matter is that the elite are destroying one system and in the midst of bringing in another, global communism. Card 2, with Trump and Judgement on it is the challenge or opposing factor to that. This is evidenced by his stance against China and threats of multiple trade wars. Both Trump and the card are tilted left, which is to the past. This suggests the elite think his effort is destined to falter or fail.

Card 3 is the subconscious or hidden influence, and has elite institutions connected and spanning the globe. Subliminally they are telling people with this card that they are pulling all of the strings here. Card 4 The Hermit represents the past or quality to let go of. It has crowds who are opposed to global trade deals and the EU present. The Hermit implies a period of introspection and searching is coming and that nationalistic countries may soon experience hardship and isolation. A fracture runs through what looks like Canada or North America at the bottom of the card.

Card 5 Death represents endings or transitions. This is in the elite’s consciously projecting position. Their intent with this card runs counter to the energies defined by the Trump card. Card 6 The Magician is a goal-focused card and in the near future position. His finger on the button confirms elite dominion over “3D.” His virtual reality head in a halo implies technology is the elite’s Savior or God. The Wheel of Fortune is the guidance card and has European politicians Angela Merkel, Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders strapped to the wheel. They may be saying Merkel is out and Le Pen is in for 2017. The Star, which corresponds to Aquarius in the zodiac, represents the overall or distant outcome. The card is also tilted to the right or to the future. The elite are setting up world social and economic reconfiguration for the Age of Aquarius.