Reality Shifting Now


Probably some people are sensing this. Beginning in the last few days and carrying through into January strong energies are manifesting. It’s not typical of this time of year, which is usually more simple, relaxed or pleasant.

The big astrological influence behind this is Mercury now in Capricorn, setting up for a huge stationary phase conjunct Pluto Dec. 12 – 25. Just below the surface a gripping intensity is building, if one is sensitive to this. In Capricorn Mercury/Pluto is highly focused, driven and has a demand for exposure/substance. The retrograde occurs Dec. 19 – Jan. 8, an influence perfect for getting to the bottom of things. Occurring at the end of the year there may be an unconscious impulse to clean house and throw anything and everything out that’s not working.

Until Dec. 12 the Sun is also crossing paths with Saturn in Sagittarius, adding weight and consequence to the times. The square to Neptune in Pisces is still in play and mutable people will be additionally impacted. Watch for a mirroring theme, development, or situation related to what took place in August when strong Virgo energies were present to play out. The Gemini Full Moon follows up Dec. 14. With Mercury retrograde/Pluto, pay close attention to your and others’ communication and reactions around this time. The Winter Solstice Dec. 21 amplifies the energy of the month further.

Setting up for the new year Dec. 28 – 31 are huge days. Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Capricorn New Moon on Dec. 29, beginning a new 116-day cycle. This planetary trio indicates a major reality shift is underway over the next four months. It’s not “business as usual” anymore. Rather there is an energy shift happening of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” If you are not prepared for this, you may be blindsided hard in 2017 and much worse in 2018 when Saturn gets into Capricorn. Uranus also stations direct at the end of December. This could make people feel restless or anxious for the coming year. If you’re looking to start something new get the pieces together and begin after the first week of January once Mercury retrograde is over.

December is truly “wired.” Reality is in enormous flux over the next two months. An intensity is setting in. Time may seem to disappear or lose its importance now. This is good. Bypassing chronological time and the programming around it equates to metaphysical healing. It’s possible Mars moving into Pisces Dec. 20 may temper some of the hardness out of the New Moon or instill some sense of acceptance of what is.