Stealth War On Voters Turns Power Over


In filing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania Jill Stein of the Green Party is doing a great public service. The recent election result was so different from 2012 the question of “what happened?” has to be asked, investigated, and clarified. Here is what I come up with.

The GOP Stealth War On Minority Voters

Not many seem to be aware that in 2013 the US Supreme Court overturned a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. GOP legislators in fifteen states took advantage of this to enact voting restrictions on the public including strict ID requirements, cutting voting station hours, purging voter rolls, and ending same-day registration. It’s a way to cut down on people’s right to vote, and most of the restrictions disproportionately discriminate against low-income voters, young people, and minorities who tend to vote Democrat.

Going state-by-state, Wisconsin polls missed by a whopping 7.4% – a fact that warrants further investigation. In Milwaukee, where 70% of the state’s African-American population lives, voting was down 13% from 2012 translating into 41,000 fewer votes cast. While Trump won by 27,000 up to 300,000 voters may not have had the newly required photo ID. The rule change enormously benefited Trump. In North Carolina early voting in one county dropped by 85%. As a result insanely long voting lines were observed in predominantly black neighborhoods. Hundreds of poll stations also closed in Arizona which has high Latino and Native American populations. While the latter two states voted Republican in 2012 the new restrictions ensured this result would not change in 2016.

Ohio appears to have been the site of a massive vote kill. According to investigative reporter Greg Palast GOP and Trump operatives are said to have had a list of 497,039 “double voters” in the state for “purging” in a broader national program known as Crosscheck. Palast says that in 28 states there were 7.2 million US voters on the Crosscheck list, capturing 1 in every 6 voters of color. He says a total of one million voters were purged on election day, and officials in Ohio kept the vote machine audit functions off to prevent any findings from being discovered. Another one million voters in Ohio didn’t get their absentee ballots.

Voter suppression lines in Ohio were also a problem. At one point in Cincinnati it is reported that about 4,000 people were waiting in a line to vote at the only place for early voting in a county of over 800,000. No one knows what the walk-away rate would be, but this may be one reason why so many cities saw lower than expected turnout. The Democratic community of Cleveland had 50,000 fewer voters turn out than in 2012. Trump won the traditionally close battleground state by a whopping 450,000 votes.

As Stein eluded to electronic vote rigging in the election is also highly suspect due to exit poll results. Exit polls, like the the pre-election polls gave Clinton a wide edge, but instead the actual vote showed many states saw a sizable Trump shift. For example Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania all registered huge Trump gains in the range of 5.6 – 8.5% compared to the exit polls. It’s a fact Palast says multi-million-dollar Ph.D.-directed statisticians with decades of experience designing and studying these polls should be screaming fraud about.

Nate Silver, founder of the leading election forecast website also had Clinton pegged as a 71% favorite to win on the day of the election. Silver had correctly predicted the outcome in 99 of 100 states in the past two elections and gave Clinton a 77 – 83% chance of winning in each of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. None of these states had voted Republican in more than two decades. Based on these odds Trump would have less than a 1% chance of winning all three states while Clinton would have about a 50% chance of winning all three. The math simply doesn’t add up.

xtrump-warns-election-may-be-rigged-800x416-png-pagespeed-ic-zmpxwhrcw5-jpg In discussing election fraud, Jonathon Simon, executive director of the non-profit organization Election Defense Alliance says that since electronic voting started in 2002 Republican candidates nationally have been routinely outperforming their pre-election and exit poll numbers, enough to prevent anticipated Democratic victories in many instances.


Trump was right. The election was rigged, but not against him. A broad, multi-state GOP assault on the voting rights of the American people just took place. The election was a stealth coup. If successful in thwarting Stein’s vote recount while Democrats idly stand by, Trump will become the second Republican in five elections to become President with less than the popular vote. It will also be the third federal election Republicans have won in that time amidst a backdrop of state or national vote fraud. Based on this it is illogical to conclude Trump and the Republicans will make America great again.