World Trumped


Obama and Trump meet at the Oval Office Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

I think it’s safe to conclude many are in deep process right now. It’s fitting for the emotional extremes of Scorpio season. Here is some of my own line of processing.

I’m not super-surprised Trump was elected. In a nation that is hijacked the elite own the main candidates just as they own the corrupt two-party system. The fact financial markets haven’t dumped is also evidence the elite are comfortable with Trump going to the helm. In my own predictions probably like many others I assumed the elite would simply continue with their obvious choice in Clinton. I also thought the US had moved to the left substantially over the last 15 years, preventing the likelihood of a Trump outcome. It seems I was wrong. Or maybe the elite just tampered with reality again at the last minute.

After Brexit in June it seems another option other than Clinton appeared for the elite: go with the disgruntled middle class. The move is akin to a martial arts expert allowing their invigorated opponent to throw punches before attacking them again with bigger blows. So now the elite can execute another economic collapse or race war and blame it on the people, since they voted in a nationalistic buffoon with no political experience. Elite scapegoat? If Clinton had been picked any future disasters could be blamed on the Establishment. But now they get to look good if the Trump Presidency implodes.

carlinquoteThe “awkward” first Trump/Obama meeting kind of said it all about the results. The US is now completely polarized, and many are traumatized. In a single swoop an entire eight-year period of hope vaporized with the Trump win. It didn’t happen overnight of course. The rise of Trump has long been in the making, the product of far too long a period of excessive wealth, greed, decadence, and under Obama a weak play on hope that was always a fraud.

Unlike others I never got that Trump was some kind of anti-Establishment crusader. It doesn’t add up. According to Ron Paul Trump takes no positions that are not already endorsed by the Establishment. Billionaire Trump is well inside a protected circle, just as his friends in the Clinton family are. As President I therefore expect Trump will fall right in line with what the elite want. The political establishment is now rallying behind him and a ‘cabinet of horrors’ is taking shape. In September Trump picked Iraq warhawk James Woolsey for his National Security Adviser, proving he is in sync with the “war on terror” agenda. Trump also said he would have no problem putting 20-30,000 boots on the ground in the Middle East in the Republican debates. Not surprisingly, Netanyahu is now embracing him.

With Republicans in charge it should be expected that fear and hostility will soon elevate in the world – heads up. Make America great again? I don’t see that. I don’t see another baby boom coming, I don’t see the US dollar retaining power long-term, I don’t see another industrial or technological revolution coming. It’s understandable why people would love to turn back the clock and recreate such an era, but it’s not going to happen. There are limits to growth and Western society has long surpassed them. As Trump goes ahead, best be prepared to know where you stand on things and be ready to fight for yourself.