The Meaning Of The Ninth Underworld


Carl Calleman has a new book coming out, The Nine Waves of Creation. It will be released sometime in December 2016. Here’s a synopsis.

While Calleman’s analysis and understanding of the 6th and 7th Underworlds is good, it is only in an institutional sense. He doesn’t comprehend the energies of the later Underworlds well. For example, the only word he has come up with to describe the 9th Underworld is “unity.” One word for an entire Underworld simply does not convey a deep understanding of the process or what is going on. To bridge the gap I have offered my own take on this in my book Gateway to the Underworlds, providing an astrological basis of the energies of the four Long Count Underworlds on both a personal and collective level. Hopefully he comes to some better understandings in his book, but he really should be collaborating with someone who understands archetypes and psychology more.

Calleman’s New Theory Makes No Sense

In a recent blog post Calleman claims the Underworld waves of the Mayan Calendar are continuing, a hypothesis that seems absurd. His tracker for the 9th Wave is found here. “The Sixth Wave has turned into a night,” he says in the post. Did the Mayan Calendar end then or not? If not, then how can he still assert his 2011 end date (or 2012 for that matter) is valid? The suggestion that the days and nights of the Calendar are continuing is incompatible with a Calendar that has ended. The Mayan Calendar cannot end while its defining wave set continues to operate. Something is wrong here.

In late 2011 he said humanity was “leaving behind the 7 + 6 = 13 scheme” and that the “seed-to-fruit processes are no longer in operation.” Why then declare the evolutionary waves are continuing? The Books of the Chilam Balam say the 13 Gods are sacrificed by the 9 at the end of the Calendar, implying they cease. What about the descent of the nine-legged deity B’olon Yokte’ K’u? It doesn’t make sense. Nothing can develop from these waves, the creation process has been interrupted. They are inconsequential. It is akin to watching the monitor of a comatose hospital patient when the only solution is to pull the plug.

Pluto And The Ninth Underworld

The 9th Underworld shift in 2011 and 2012 was imperceptible to most humans. This is because it is about power and what is hidden, covert, and occult (Pluto). Night 5 would have provided an obvious destruction to see but since that did not take place in either year confusion abounds. Calleman does mention, however, that certain people and cultures will “resonate” with certain Underworlds. This is a correct assertion because it is archetypal (planetary) energies that define the Underworlds as much as it is about institutional development. “The global mind” is heavily influenced by these archetypes but he also does not recognize this.

trickle-downDue to this resonance the 9th Underworld was hijacked by very powerful people, the elite. They even subverted the time construct, leaving a world of stagnation to exist instead of one that would naturally collapse. Since 2011 – 2012 the elite have been in full control of the world, a quest they tried but failed to achieve by force in Night 5 of the 7th Underworld. While consciousness did increase in 2011/2012, the primary meme was still of people living within the confines of a “fragile global economy.” Like walking on glass, the monetary glue that holds cities, countries, and families together could not be disrupted lest disaster unfold. The elite were in full control of this narrative which in reality is a cover for building an even bigger future economic disaster.

Leave It To An Astrologer

The current reality can be “transcended” by “choosing to follow the Ninth Wave” as Calleman suggests. In this regard, theoretically those who comprehend well Pluto or 9th Underworld energies should have an easier shift. Those not in tune could be hit very hard, for example, in a British/US empire collapse scenario as Calleman writes about. It’s important to note, however, whatever transpires is also a cosmic decision. There are no wrongs or rights. Humanity may not need do anything at the current time. The Universe has this figured out. Some may be intended to spring forth and rebirth a new type of cultural creation, some may not.

ecocoverThe positive side to a 9th Underworld shift is a commitment to personal and collective empowerment. There is a will to consistently expose toxic, harmful, abusive, or corrupt conditions for the sake of others and the planet. There is an awareness to never take BS from anyone and never put blind trust in others. Trustworthiness is critical. Truth is a must. Debt is incomprehensible. Letting go, rebirth, creation and co-creation are basic principles. Joy, goodwill and abundance can be felt at all times.

The elite will almost certainly take humanity down the darker side of a 9th Underworld process, via collapse, depression, bankruptcy, ruin, war. Those attuned to the higher function will not allow themselves to be taken down with it or even be placed in a compromise position.

This is the 9th Underworld evolution. Despite a seven year Uranus/Pluto square, the world will not stay in its comatose state forever. On a personal level the 9th Underworld question to answer is, “What are you going to Let Go of and what kind of New World do you want to Create?” The Universe is deciding with you.