Take A Deep Breath


The Virgo Solar Eclipse September 1 was quite intense and is still very active. Emotional releasing from its weight seems to be occurring now as the Full Moon/Eclipse in Pisces arrives. Anything and everything could come up over the next few days. The Pisces word “allow” seems appropriate, not to get stuck in any glue or too much Virgo thinking. A general movement towards rebalance should begin as the Fall Equinox approaches, and probably some of the tension of the Eclipses will ease up after this. During this last half moon phase a key may be to remain in truth, to see the bigger picture, to hold focus and remain in your heart. Not to get caught in triviality or excessive details. Meditation and silence can help.

The big date astrological date coming up is September 22, when Mercury goes direct and the Fall Equinox arrives (Sun moves into Libra). By the last week of September or at the latest the October 1 New Moon this energetic shift should be felt by most. Until then it is prime time for continuing to hash out the details, getting organized, and planning and planning again. Cleaning up. This Mercury retrograde has been excellent for investigating and checking things out at a finer level. It is a super influence for taking care of what gets put off. Action on all those details and plans can be taken with confidence after the 22nd.