Virgo Mother Teresa Declared A Saint


Mother Teresa was recognized by the Catholic Church as a Saint Sunday, September 4, 2016. This is right on the heels of the big September 1 Solar Eclipse in Virgo. A fitting tribute to a humble and dignified life.

Backgrounders: Biography and CBC news piece. Natal chart:

mother_teresaThe chart shows Mother Teresa was a real salt of the earth woman. It’s not just her Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Virgo but the Taurus planets and throw in Uranus in Capricorn as well. Her Moon (“mother”) is exalted in Taurus and near the Lunar North Node (life purpose). Combined with Virgo (service) she exemplified a high level of caring to the 20th century world. Her Saturn square Venus (Taurus ruler) would seem to be the crux of her working with the poor and hungry, and taking a vow of poverty.

Virgo transit periods seem profound. On September 10, 1946 Mother Teresa reportedly heard Christ call her to work among the most impoverished, altering her life and the world forever. On December 10, 1979 when the Moon, Lunar North Node, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were in Virgo she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is her speech. She died September 5, 1997, three days after a Virgo partial Solar Eclipse (birth/death of person of prominence). Based on the natal chart, transits and outcome it seems she fulfilled her life purpose. It wasn’t easy.

Astrologers will observe her tight Pluto (Gemini) square Mercury aspect. This would have been entirely difficult if not monsterously horrible to handle. Not surprisingly she reportedly had long, intense “dark night of the soul” experiences, suffering some 50 years with severe questioning, despair and loss of faith. Loads of earth energy might also cause this, reinforcing the hard feeling and separation of 3D density in contrast to God, 5D. Her reference to herself as a “Saint of Darkness” seems to epitomize this deeply Earth-bound identity.

The 2016 Virgo Solar Eclipse says it’s time for the Pluto in Virgo generation to carry the torch where Mother Teresa left off. Find your niche in service to cause. It’s time to get to work correcting and healing this sick reality. Get your axe to grind out and use it. Slay demons with the Light wherever you find them. Pick worthy battles, not little nuisances. Be smart. Have a plan. Have faith too. Get yourself ready for Saturn in Capricorn (2018 – 2020).

Mother Teresa was canonized when Jupiter contacted her natal Mercury (Virgo ruler). The Lunar North Node was conjunct her Mars.