Virgo Eclipse: Clearing


The effects of the Solar Eclipse in Virgo is really coming in now. There isn’t a Virgo I know who isn’t feeling it. Intensity is quite high. Combined with Mercury stationing retrograde at the critical last degree of Virgo, this influence is like a miniature bomb going off. The key is in directing the energy, not getting wrapped up or overfocusing on something not useful. The Eclipse may be clearing the decks.

The Eclipse chart is quite magnificent.sept_2016_eclipse Jupiter conjunct Mercury (Eclipse ruler) amplifies Virgo traits and dilemmas. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius create a ton of additional tension square the Eclipse. Pluto in trine promotes the Eclipse power. Given the chart placements and rulerships it is clear that Virgo is in charge.

Details are the order of the day. Sort the small things out now for maximum beneficial effect later. The key is to go with this energy, even if you’re not a Virgo. This is where Sagittarius and Pisces people may stumble. The energy can be ignored, but it’s likely it will show up and reverberate back in a potentially harmful, surprising or unwanted way.

This Eclipse says leave no stone unturned, read the fine print and understand it, don’t miss a single thing. Of course, there is a fine line between obsessing and achieving great results. Jupiter conjunct Mercury indicates not obsessing. It comes down to Virgo discernment. Neglecting detail now can prove disastrous. In a time-accelerated world, overdoing it will be a waste. With Virgo, work/employment and health areas are highlighted.

details-quote2Today’s world is one that burns people if they are not prepared or aware of even minute details. Virgo says, “the devil is in the details.” Virgo is about purification of evil, hence the focus on what is not trivial. The powers that be count on people only looking at the surface. They count on people being passive, taking what they say for granted, and not understanding the full implications of things. They count on people missing subtle points that can be used against them.

The point of this Virgo Eclipse is to start burning the world back by getting nitty gritty with the details. By being able to handle more than normal. By getting a bit nasty. To do so requires razor sharp focus and a willingness not to be victimized. Emphasis is on developing meticulousness to bolster credibility. A lack of credibility now = no power in today’s world, and power is everything. This Solar Eclipse is a great opportunity to develop and assert more of your own power by tapping into Virgo qualities. After this Uranus square Pluto period (2010 – 2018), in the Western world the days of being too loose, too casual, and too relaxed (re: Neptune) are over. Prepare now, you’ll need to be on top of this by 2018 when Saturn gets into Capricorn.