Rough Ride Arrives


Update from Energetic Bump Nears

Maybe some can relate to this, what it currently feels like out there. This is my sense of things put in picture form. It’s becoming soupy and somewhat dense. There is a lot of tension happening. Astrologically, watch for the road to go major pothole when the Sun moves into Virgo August 23. There may be tug-of-wars happening for your energy. Becoming a better ball juggler is a favored skill to learn now, even if there are already too many in your hands.

The Eclipse September 1 will jazz things further, followed by Mercury retrograde. It’s going to take a high degree of focus and excellent preparation to navigate life next month. Watch for people being slammed by overwhelm. To excel in this bring your 4×4. Make sure it’s tuned up. Check every detail – only once. Emphasis on Virgo qualities on steriods. If you’re a Sagittarius a valuable lesson could transpire. High use of precision, judgement and decision-making is favored. The key is not to be bounced around, but to do the bouncing. This energy should ease or transmute by October.