Energetic Bump Nears


In my astrology forecast at the start of 2016, I outlined a third wave of energy coming late summer. It’s closing in now, here is the way I’m seeing it.

An energetic speed bump or moderate acceleration is nearing. Much is ripening, coming ready for release. Time movement, events, and consciousness changes might seem to push through or pick-up speed in the next couple months. I don’t see this being game-changing dynamics. But there could be a rough motion though this time. A thrust could also be experienced. If attuned to or channeled this energy could effect significant changes or results. Sometimes life is like riding a surf board. Seeing the waves coming helps stay on the board. August is a time of preparation and of movement into this energetic territory.

Unlike July August is not a great time to take a break. It’s better for keeping your eye on the target and firming up plans. Maintaining focus on the big picture is still essential. Yet flushing out the details and refining what is in motion is favored. This will make September and the peak energy easier. The intensity looks like it is ramping up in August. It may feel like what June was like with the mutable cross. For many I think September will be quite a bit more potent than June.

In 4D (the mental/emotional plane) this is all tied to Saturn square Neptune in last partile aspect. It’s also tied to a set of eclipses and a critical Mercury transit. The coming Mercury retrograde is not one to take lightly or brush off. This is a biggy. Virgo placements over the next two months are going to push on and personalize everything Jupiter and the Lunar North Node has been doing over the last year. Saturn and Mars are also very in play. These two malefics joining could really cause a fray, especially alongside fixed war star Antares. Some caution seems advisable with this trio, as in look before you leap.

Mercury will be in Virgo for 69 days straight starting July 31. Along with the Virgo eclipse, this seems to be the crux of the energetic bumpiness or push. Mercury’s long stay in Virgo asks for a larger than normal focus on detail and ability to discern. Its activation or triggering with Saturn and Neptune also creates heightened potentials. Trip ups or oversights could be costly or magnified particularly during the retrograde. With Neptune an added degree of psychic energy or clairvoyance could also come in. Given the speed of today’s world this time period won’t be easy for most I expect. Maintaining good physical grounding, proper breathing and water intake, and some detachment could prove valuable.