Climate Breakdown Self-Evident

A fallen tree heavily damages a home in Tennessee July 6, 2016 (photo:

Today’s weather is a reflection of the consciousness of the dominant life form on Earth – humans. Long-term climatic cycles are irrelevant now. Modern weather and the environment is in chaos because the dominant operating human consciousness is based on ungratefulness, selfishness, greed, hostility, disrespect, power over, control, and usury and debt. These are elite values. Tragically it seems billions of people have been duped into following them as their own. Under this dominant value set the human population has expanded too far. The natural world is well past its ability to sustain this type of modern human civilization without showing ill effects.

Mother Earth has been so badly abused now over the last century the relative climate stability of the last 10,000 years has most likely been lost. Only disturbed weather and atmospheric patterns now exist. For example, in the last few months there has consistently been major flooding episodes around the world. July has now thrown aggressive thunderstorms and flash floods into the routine mix. These storms are causing a lot of damage to trees, soil, and building and civilization infrastructure which accelerates the decline of the physical world. Examples of recent damage in the US over the last two weeks include:


A home in Killdeer, North Dakota July 11, 2016.

Rockingham County, North Carolina. Las Vegas, Nevada. Tucson, Arizona. Wichita, Kansas twice, July 1 and 14North Dakota, east Nebraska, Iowa City, north Metro Atlanta, Farmington, Missouri, south central Kentucky. An EF-2 tornado plowed into Louisa, Kentucky July 4. Flooding slammed Minnesota July 5. Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, the Carolinas, Metro Detroit, parts of Pennsylvania, east North Dakota/west Minnesota. New Jersey got hit hard by storms July 8 and 14. Killdeer, North Dakota was smashed by a hailstorm July 10. Wind damage and flooding also affected Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, northeast Florida, Kansas, St. Louis, Iowa, southern Illinois, Cincinnati, east Oklahoma, Arkansas, east Tennessee, north Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Outside the US similar damaging storms have occurred. The northeastern Indian state of Assam has been pummeled by flooding. South China has been plagued by flooding for weeks. South Australia, parts of Poland, Cebu City, Philippines, Auckland, New Zealand and Rostov-on-Don, Russia have been battered. Moscow was rocked by an enormous thunderstorm July 13, when intense lightning, heavy rain, hail and gale force winds blasted the city. Massive flooding occurred in the Saskatchewan towns of Estevan, Lloydminster, Humboldt, Yorkton, and Arborfield and Carrot River. Calgary, Alberta flooded July 12 and 15 along with Edmonton July 15.

Climate breakdown is not going to get better. Due to momentum it can only get worse at least over the next 20 – 50 years. Eventually the physical world will force humans to shift their consciousness, but the elite are holding it back. If the right leadership was present positive changes in life systems could happen rapidly or would already have started. Instead the elite are forcing the world onto an increasingly hard and dangerous path. Long-term, some form of collapse of the physical world may be necessary to improve consciousness. If you are planning on reincarnating here, consider coming back in three to five hundred years.