Cancer New Moon Sets Up Lovely July


The Cancer New Moon July 4 strikes a blissful trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces. It’s a perfect and much needed break from the planetary movement happening over the last couple months. This energy, if tapped into can last close to the end of the month. Cancer planets also form a pleasant sextile with Jupiter in Virgo. It just makes everything so beautiful yet practical and grounded. Can you feel that? It’s like a huge whooshing wave motion.

As such with these energies July and the first half of August should be a super time to enjoy oneself and quality time with others. Although everyone has their own circumstances, in general I don’t foresee anything coming down the pipe that will ruffle this up. In other words this is perfect recharge or blast off time. It’s also probably a good time to ignore all the nonsense happening out there, re: politically. The water focus in the skies (Pisces, Cancer) can assist with healing now too. If taken advantage of this time is a real opportunity to de-age, or at least slow aging.

Looking at my beginning of the year forecast the general layout is on track. Mars retrograde has been a little less hard-hitting than I expected, thankfully. I would rather be prepared than be walloped. Hopefully this will continue. May and June have really cranked up the world a notch, particularly with respect to climate change. The level of environmental changes has been profound. Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter in T-square formation have really been moving things in 2D, 3D, and 4D. Consciousness is shifting, both in hard ways and in positive ways.

July is a good time to see all the beauty that exists, and tap into the greater cosmic picture. It’s a great time to find each our own answers about things. Best of all it’s a great time to get into a flow.