Canada All But Dead From Elite Dominance


Legalization of Marijuana is a Big Concern for the Government and Many Canadians

Canada is now 149 years old. It is a spin-off nation of the industrial era, a country far down the rabbit hole of modernization. Has “progress” been too much, too fast?

Governments Are Drunk on Spending


Things are going so well in Canada gender-neutral bathrooms are a public priority for the Federal Government.

Public Is Drowning in Debt

Massive Housing Bubble Is Rotting Social Structure

Poverty-Level Retirement

  • One in eight Canadians is now working into retirement. This is out of financial necessity. Half of all couples 55 – 64 have no employer pension. About a third have no savings at all.
  • Despite this situation, most Canadians over the age of 50 still expect to retire at 63.

Education and Decent Job Prospects Gone

Tight Level of Mind-Control

Nation An Environmental Failure

Legalizing Physician-assisted Dying is a Government Priority (photo: Adrian Wyld/CP)

Unhealthy and Unfit


Canada’s future – truly a brave new world.

Nation A Corporate Juggernaut

No Future But Economic and Social Collapse

To sum up, the elite are in total control of Canada. Canadians have been easy prey and have effectively been conquered. Greed, materialistic pursuits, and money have essentially consumed and destroyed the country. Legalizing marijuana should make the seemingly rough transition of freedom and prosperity to a powerless and dependent peasant and serf society go smoothly for the elite over the next two decades.