2018, The Next Stage

Here’s my energetic read on 2018. It’s quite short. Coming to a sense of it has been challenging because it feels like nothing applies anymore. World stability seems gone. It only seems like there are agendas being played out. We have to understand I think that the end of major astrological cycles is close. Pluto/Saturn and Saturn/Jupiter complete in 2020 while Neptune/Saturn finalizes in 2025. The latter two cycles finish/begin at 0° Aquarius and 0° Aries which is extra significant. Pluto wraps up Capricorn in 2024. Hence from now through the 2020’s in general things are ending, especially old social and economic structures.

For 2018 world finances and economics seem set to return to importance. This is more typical of increased Capricorn weighting. Geopolitics and global hegemony is also highlighted. China’s potential establishment of the petroyuan could be one of the keys of the year while Bitcoin and the developing cryptocurrency field may play out another critical economic story. With world central banks tightening several nations could see the start of a recession and/or housing downturn. To a certain level, volatile moments in exchange markets could be expected this year. Despite these factors 2018 could still be financially fortuitous.

On a personal and collective level the growth hypershift many made last year is ready for the next stage in 2018. The added earth energy with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn could help people land into purposeful life roles. Higher frequencies may now be more focused on the physical. Diet and the sources of foods can be a focus point or something worth clearing on. Finances and self-worth are potential breakthrough areas. New healing practices can also be implemented with good results. Overall putting in secure or reliable long-term structures into life looks favored in 2018.

Look for a shift in the present energetics to occur by about mid-March. May is a big month, ripe for timeline shifts and potentials to burst forth. It’s exciting but be aware the energies will be high. Special attention should also be paid to Mercury retrograde periods going forward. Things are moving so fast and interconnectivity is so expanded there is high potential for problems to occur and in magnified scope. It might be advisable to suggest people use these periods more strictly for less demanding mental and physical integration, planning, review. Thank you to all my readers. May you have a super year.


Earth Changes Accelerate in 2017

The Thomas Fire looking toward Santa Barbara, California from Sisar Peak on Dec. 10, 2017.

2017 was quite a year with lots to process. Despite all the focus on Trump, it’s hard not to see the climate disasters as the biggest story of the year. Once summer arrived it was one after another after another.

The US was especially whacked. Three Category 4 hurricanes struck American territories in less than a month between August and September causing $350 billion in damages. This was by far the most damage ever incurred in a hurricane season. Among other islands Puerto Rico was just mangled with nearly half a million homes destroyed or severely damaged. Hundreds of thousands had to leave and many people died. 2017 showed that climate chaos is having a noticeable impact on many lives even in the developed world.

Satellite map showing burn scars from the Thomas fire.

The wildfires in 2017 were also outrageous. British Columbia, Canada had its worst fire season in the summer and major centers nearby were smoked out for weeks. Spain and Portugal also had brutal fires. Wine country in Northern California looked like it got blown off the map in October. An area larger than the size of New York City was burned. Southern California’s Thomas fire consumed as much territory in one week in December as the nearby Zaca fire did over eight weeks in summer 2007.

Off the coast of Alaska sea ice is now in massive retreat from the warming oceans. Possibly as a result, the high in Barrow (latitude 71°N) on December 21, 2017 was above freezing or 36°F higher than average. On the other side of the world a section of the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula broke off in 2017 as illustrated below. The separated iceberg is the size of Delaware or twice the water volume of Lake Erie. A smaller iceberg four times the size of Manhattan is disintegrating off Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica.

Cumulative human overburden from decades of consuming everything and living far beyond Earth’s natural support ability is at the root of the problem. As a result dramatic environmental and climate impacts are now revealing themselves globally. People need to psychologically ready themselves for much greater changes and impacts in the years ahead.